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project selection

Allez la Mannschaft

SERVICES: Idea, Conception, curation, creative direction, 2016

CLIENT: German Embassy/Cidal Paris, in cooperation with BERGZWO, 2016

At EURO 2016 Sport Schneider will present the wacky side of German football in Paris in two ways. The German national pavilion “La cage au foot” will bring to life the German grassroots pitch culture in the heart of Paris, in addition, the exhibit “Football Stories” will present weird antics in German football history.

AVP Beach Volleyball Tour

SERVICES: Conception (stadium, programme)


Life Is A Beach: With a change in perspective, Sport Schneider brought that “beachy” feeling to the AVP Beach Volleyball Tour 2016. A 360° concept of sports, lifestyle, entertainment, culture, and location delivered the long sought after fun factor back to professional volleyball.

German Football Museum

SERVICES: Curation, conception of event programme

CLIENT: Triad GmbH, DFB-Stiftung Fußballmuseum gGmbH, 2011-2015

Sport Schneider provided the German Football Museum with football history and stories, hunted down numerous exhibits exclusive to the museum, and last but not least conceptualized the multifaceted cultural program of the new fan pilgrimage destination in Dortmund.

“La vida no termina aqui”

SERVICES: Idea, creative direction

CLIENT: Own production, Augsburg, 2014

On the evening of 2 July 1994 the Colombian international Andrés Escobar is murdered in Medellín as a result of his own goal at the World Cup in the USA. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of his death, Sport Schneider presents a audio drama to commemorate one of the most tragic moments in the history of football.”

Bolzplatz*-Stadium (*mini-pitch)

SERVICES: Project creation, development and management

CLIENT: streetfootballworld gGmbH, 2005-2006

Equipped for the first street football world championship: 2,200 spectators find a seat at the unique “Bolzplatz* Stadium”, a temporary arena structure. (*mini-pitch)

Live at 5

SERVICES: Idea, creative direction

CLIENT: World Cup Office of the City of Augsburg , 2011

Augsburg is the metropolis of American sports entertainment for the Women’s World Cup 2011: Larry & Jack, anchors from fictional sports broadcaster ASBN (Augsburg Sports Broadcast Network), blend elements of “Live at 5” American tradition, incisive commentary and entertaining show.

Mamelodi Ball Factory

SERVICES: Project creation and development

CLIENT: Green Feet, South Africa, 2010

World Cup 2010. Workshops give young people in Pretoria creative solutions to dealing with waste problems in the townships: they learn how to produce decent footballs out of rubbish.

Ali 70

SERVICES: Idea, creative direction

CLIENT: In cooperation with Triad Projektgesellschaft mbH (Triad Project Company), 2010 - 2011

Ali 70 promises a unique encounter, an extraordinary challenge, a thrilling experience: round for round the public can come into the ring to meet the King – and have a multimedia experience of the 15 most fascinating sides of his personality.

streetfootballworld festival 06

SERVICES: Project creation, conception and management

CLIENT: streetfootballworld gGmbH, 2002-2006

24 teams from all over the world meet in Berlin Kreuzberg for the “streetfootballworld festival 06” as part of the official arts and cultural programme for the World Cup 2006. Under the title of “Football for Hope” the Festival 2010 and 2014 is an official event of the FIFA World Cup.

Green Gym

SERVICES: Project creation, development and support, public relations (PR)

CLIENT: Gold’s Gym, Berlin, 2009

Recharging mobile phones or iPods while training on cardio machines: the Green Gym (formerly Gold’s Gym) connects fitness and environmental consciousness in a varied, original and intelligent way.

Jump up! Rwanda

SERVICES: Project creation

CLIENT: Esperance, Ruanda, 2008-2009

Jump up! To give people a common sense of identity, Rwanda breathes new life into the almost forgotten traditional high jump Gusimbuka-Urukiramende.

Culture Stadium Augsburg

SERVICES: Idea, conception and planning

CLIENT: World Cup Office of the City of Augsburg , 2010

Sports venues, event architecture, landmarks: in cooperation with the renowned Swiss scaffolding company Nüssli, the historic Rosenau Stadium is re-erected - as the magnetic venue for the cultural programme of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011.

One-two with the arts

SERVICES: Creative direction

CLIENT: streetfootballworld gGmbH, 2004

For EURO 2004, contemporary artists such as Fischli & Weiss, Andreas Gursky, Gustavo Artigas and Wang Xingwei present unique football works of art in a digital dressing room.

Zurich One-two

SERVICES: Project creation and conception

CLIENT: Host City Zurich UEFA EURO , 2008

For the UEFA EURO 2008, large screen projections in public spaces transform the Swiss city of Zürich into a glowing stadium of football emotions (competition entry).

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